Johnny Magic

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 – 7:00 PM

He’s not just amazing, but ENTERTAINING!

Houston Chronicle

  • “America’s Great Touring Magic Show”
  • Performed at venues all across the US

When searching for entertainment you might find you are looking for something specific, but why not get it all?  Johnny Magic strives to not just be another magic act, but rather an experience that unites the audience as one.  His show is split evenly between magic, comedy, and audience interaction, giving audiences the ultimate entertainment experience!  Throughout the show, Johnny Magic will offer family-friendly comedy as well as audience interaction that brings the crowd together as one.  Whether it’s a theater show, casino show, fair, school, or theme park: audiences will experience the combination of “Vegas Quality Magic” and “Branson’s Family-Friendly Comedy” that only Johnny Magic can provide!