On Sept. 24, 1947, a group of 50 progressive citizens of the Morgan City area met to form the Morgan City Municipal Concert Association. The purpose of this organization was to:

1. Cultivate an interest in good cultural entertainment in the citizens of St. Mary Parish and its surrounding area.
2. Provide an opportunity to hear and see artistic presentations in the form of concerts and recitals.
3. Encourage public appreciation of the performing arts and the teaching of art, music, history of music, and music appreciation in the schools of St. Mary Parish.
4. Build and maintain a permanent concert audience on a membership basis.

This organization was officially formalized on October 14, 1947, with the election of the following officers.
President—Mrs. P. R. Norman
Vice-President—Mr. John Pharr
Treasurer—Mr. Eldred Naquin

The Morgan City Municipal Concert Association was incorporated on August 17, 1950.
On January 12, 1987, the name of the organization was changed to the Morgan City Community Concert Association.
The Association consists of no fewer than 6 nor more than 24 board members.

All concerts and recitals were held in the M.D.Shannon Elementary gymnasium until the construction of the Morgan City Municipal Auditorium in 1964. All concerts after that time have been held in the Paul Schreier Theater of the Municipal Auditorium.

Our mission is to offer all our subscribers the opportunity to experience the magic of live performance by bringing artists and audiences together. The continued support, moral and financial, of our subscribers and our benefactors have made it possible for us to achieve these goals and look forward to a vibrant and successful future.